The Mobility Awards is a platform that recognizes acts of leadership by Philippine local governments, workplaces and commercial establishments promoting cycling as a reliable, efficient and sustainable mode of transport among their constituencies, customers, employees and communities.

The Mobility Awards is driven by a simple goal: to prioritize the needs of 88% of Filipino households in Metro Manila who do not have cars, and provide them with reliable, sustainable, and inclusive mobility programs.  

A mobility revolution is well underway, led by common folks determined to provide for their families while protecting their health. Now more than ever, cycling and the prioritization of pedestrian needs are gaining national prominence as safe, empowering, cost-effective, practical, democratic and efficient transport modes due to limitations brought by this pandemic. However, we are still a long way from making the conditions optimal for every Filipino commuter. 

Over-all, the Mobility Awards aims to: 

  • Inspire action, involvement, and coordination among LGUs, workplaces and commercial establishments who want to improve conditions for urban mobility; and
  • Recognize leaders who have been contributing to the movement early-on and those who have been responsive to the changing times by offering ideas that help embrace cycling, and other modes of inclusive active mobility. 

For now, we are focusing on empowering citizens to take on cycling-to-work as a regular mobility choice. But recognizing efforts to make cities bicycle-friendly is just a start. Eventually, we hope to develop the category for pedestrian-friendly local government units, workplaces, and commercial establishments across the country.

We are pursuing public online nominations to help promote a culture of feedback, data generation, and collaboration in developing standards and enable public support for acts of leadership in government and the private sector.

By involving the public in the nomination process, we can help: 

  • Elevate the value of inclusive mobility and address pollution in cities with information contributed by citizens;
  • Generate public support, feedback and third-party recognition for LGUs’ efforts to implement sustainable transport programs; 
  • Accelerate and mobilize support for the government’s programs supporting active transport and inclusive mobility;
  • Recognize bike-friendly business establishments and workplaces and help boost their brands especially with the pandemic-induced economic crisis; and 
  • Provide the public more reliable transport options and information on the bike-friendly efforts of Metro Manila cities.

Your nomination is a step to helping the 88% have better transport and mobility options. Do you already have a bike-friendly LGU, business, or establishment in mind? Nominate them now!

Maria Golda Hilario

Associate for Program Development, ICSC

Golda has had over two decades of experience in development work, mostly doing participatory research and policy analysis in the areas of sustainable agriculture, agricultural biodiversity, livelihood systems and trade. She is the head of ICSC’s urban transitions team, advancing active mobility as part of sustainable transport solutions for cities. She also advises ICSC on its gender work and previously led its Tacloban-based RE-Charge Pilipinas program for community-based renewable energy solutions. Golda hikes and cycles to unwind.

Aldrin Pelicano

Founder, MNL Moves

Aldrin is an urban planner who founded MNL Moves, an online collective community followed by 10,000 netizens, aspiring to move Metro Manila by walking and cycling more often and in more places. He also advises ICSC’s urban transition team. He is a program manager of Cardno Emerging Markets Australia, an international contracting firm engaged in social development programs in Asia and the Pacific. He is father to Andres (6 years old) and Emilia (3 years old). Before the community quarantine began in mid-March, he rode his folding bicycle every day from his home in Cainta to his office in Makati. 

Nazrin Camille Castro

Branch Manager, The Climate Reality Project – Philippines

Nazca is a climate policy development expert with almost a decade of experience in the development sector. She has advised key government officials in helping shape and advance the country’s climate agenda, specifically in strengthening climate finance access, youth and stakeholder engagement, and advocacy building — nationally, regionally, and internationally, particularly through the Climate Vulnerable Forum and the Vulnerable 20 Group of Finance Ministers. She is a political science graduate from the De La Salle University, where she was an academic scholar. She practices yoga and helps out in her family’s events designing services.

Chuck Baclagon

Regional Finance Campaigner, Asia

Chuck is the Asian finance campaigner of, a global grassroots climate movement. He is also a volunteer of the Manila-based collective Pilipinas. Prior to joining, he spent a decade building up the digital campaigning capacity of Greenpeace in Southeast Asia. He started his involvement in activism while studying for his degree in Journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and was engaged in youth organizing work. When he’s not working, he divides his time between biking and looking after his aged parents.

Jaramia Amarnani 

Pinay Bike Commuter

Geri is an executive assistant with 17 years of experience working alongside diplomatic missions and international organizations. She is a strong advocate for women and girls’ empowerment, breastfeeding, and cycling. A bike commuter of six years, she created the Pinay Bike Commuter Facebook page last June, as a platform to share stories of Filipina bike commuters, as well as the Pinay Bike Commuter Community, a private Facebook group for practicing and aspiring Filipina bike commuters. Geri is inspired daily by her husband Dilip and their two sons, Abishai and Joshua. She likes to bake and tend to her plants in her free time.

The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) is an international non-government organization recognized for its work in advancing fair climate policy and low carbon and climate-resilient development, spurring effective global climate action, and the Paris Agreement. It is based in Quezon City, Philippines.ICSC is an advisor to the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and the Vulnerable 20 Group of Finance Ministers (V20); an accredited observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Green Climate Fund (GCF); and an advisor to the Philippine delegation to UN climate negotiations. It is also the convenor of Aksyon Klima Pilipinas, a nationwide coalition of over 40 civil society organizations (CSOs) working on diverse climate and development issues.

As a climate policy, finance, and energy advocacy and strategy development advisor to CSOs and networks in Asia and Africa, ICSC is a convenor of GCF Watch and the global Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI). It also sits as a civil society representative to the government’s People’s Survival Board (PSF) Board and the GCF-Technical Working Group and works with scientists and local academic institutions on climate research and studies.

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MNL Moves is a group of commuter cyclists and pedestrians working to make active transport, like cycling and walking, easier and safer in Metro Manila. It was founded by an urban planner and folding bike enthusiast who is now changing the way we perceive walking and biking to a healthier, more reliable, and more sustainable means of transportation.

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The Climate Reality Project Philippines is the country chapter of The Climate Reality Project, which is founded by former United States Vice President and Nobel laureate Al Gore and has trained over 27,000 Climate Reality Leaders in 169 countries to help find solutions to the global climate crisis.

 The Philippine Branch aims to advance ambitious climate action in the country, while rallying behind science and rethinking development approaches. It considers itself as a diverse community of more than a thousand seasoned and young climate advocates across the country, all united in their common goal of achieving climate justice and climate resilience for the Philippines.

TCRP Philippines draws strength from the vast and robust network of its leaders who come from various fields in the public and private spheres. The community serves as a powerful platform for scaling up initiatives, advocacy mobilization, and effecting positive changes in policy and implementation across all levels. Its host organization is the ICSC.

Facebook    : @climaterealityphilippines
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Office           : 706 FSS Building-II, 18 Scout Tuason St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City is building a global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. Philippines is a local network of volunteers supporting the country’s climate movement.

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The Logo

The logo portrays a cyclist and a pedestrian traveling hand in hand. Together they form the letter “M” which stands for and symbolizes mobility, in particular active mobility, which is central to inclusive development and the sense of bayanihan

The wheels of the bike portray a twin mobius strip or an infinity loop, which highlights the role of active mobility in promoting circular economies and a durable cycle of renewal and rebirth. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where active mobility is a central and crucial element, are reflected in the logo’s colors. The lighter green represents SDG#3: Good Health and Well-being, orange reflects SDG#11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and the darker green symbolizes SDG#13: Climate Action.