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The Mobility Awards was driven by a simple goal: the prioritization of the needs of 88% of Filipino households in Metro Manila that do not own private cars (JICA-MUCEP, 2015). According to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), over 80% of road spaces are dedicated for the use of private cars despite only 12% of Filipino households being car owners. This is not only happening in Metro Manila, but everywhere else in the Philippines where the conditions for cyclists and pedestrians remain challenging. Join us as we search for the most bike-friendly Cities, Workplaces, and Establishments in the Philippines!


Bicycle-Friendly Cities

City local government units (CLGUs) that promote cycling as mode of transport in their cities.

Bicycle-Friendly Workplaces

Businesses, organizations, or institutions where the bike-friendly initiatives are catered for the employees.

Bicycle-Friendly Establishments

Business establishments or institutions where the motivation for bike-friendly initiatives are catered mainly to the needs of its customers.

We will also be handing out Padyak Champions and Siklista ng Bayan special awards – stay tuned for more details!


All nominations will be evaluated and ranked according to:
  • Infrastructure

    Presence of physical infrastructure or end-of-trip facilities dedicated to bicycle users.

  • Integration 

    Programs, policies, and plans that enable cycling, promote safety, and support the well-being of active mobility commuters, promote active mobility among children and youth, promote gender inclusion and sensitivity among commuters, and protect women cyclists from catcalling and harassment.

  • Implementation

    Proper use and maintenance of infrastructure and enforcement of bicycle-friend programs and policies.

  • Innovation

    Weighs in creative solutions and approaches that promote active cycling and walking and utilizes cycling and walking as an enabler for addressing other urban development challenges.

  • Inclusivity

    Measures the extent of how accessible and welcoming the bike-friendly infrastructure and programs are to a diverse group of populations such as inexperienced cyclists, PWDs, children, women, and the elderly.  A panel of judges will be chosen by the organizers who will evaluate and select the Nationwide Winners.

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The mobility revolution is underway.

People in Metro Manila cycle every day. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority counted over 100,000 cyclists traversing 6 major intersections on EDSA last June, with an average of 4,000 cyclists every day. Even MMDA officials consider the numbers are likely an underestimate, which is why a regular bike count needs to happen, in more locations.

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