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The Mobility Awards is a platform that recognizes acts of leadership by Philippine local governments, workplaces and commercial establishments promoting cycling as a reliable, efficient and sustainable mode of transport among their constituencies, customers, employees and communities.


The Mobility Awards was driven by a simple goal: the prioritization of the needs of 88% of Filipino households in Metro Manila that do not own private cars (JICA-MUCEP, 2015). According to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), over 80% of road spaces are dedicated for the use of private cars despite only 12% of Filipino households being car owners. This is not only happening in Metro Manila, but everywhere else in the Philippines where the conditions for cyclists and pedestrians remain challenging.

Over-all, the Mobility Awards aims to: 


  1. Inspire action, involvement, and coordination among LGUs, workplaces and commercial establishments who want to improve conditions for urban mobility; and
  2. Recognize leaders who have been contributing to the movement early-on and those who have been responsive to the changing times by offering ideas that help embrace cycling, and other modes of inclusive active mobility.

A mobility revolution is well underway, led by common folks determined to provide for their families while protecting their health. Now more than ever, cycling and the prioritization of pedestrian needs are gaining national prominence as safe, empowering, cost-effective, practical, democratic and efficient transport modes due to limitations brought by this pandemic. However, we are still a long way from making the conditions optimal for every Filipino commuter.


The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) is an international non-government organization recognized for its work in advancing fair climate policy and low carbon and climate-resilient development, spurring effective global climate action, and the Paris Agreement. It is based in Quezon City, Philippines.ICSC is an advisor to the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and the Vulnerable 20 Group of Finance Ministers (V20); an accredited observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Green Climate Fund (GCF); and an advisor to the Philippine delegation to UN climate negotiations. It is also the convenor of Aksyon Klima Pilipinas, a nationwide coalition of over 40 civil society organizations (CSOs) working on diverse climate and development issues.

As a climate policy, finance, and energy advocacy and strategy development advisor to CSOs and networks in Asia and Africa, ICSC is a convenor of GCF Watch and the global Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI). It also sits as a civil society representative to the government’s People’s Survival Board (PSF) Board and the GCF-Technical Working Group and works with scientists and local academic institutions on climate research and studies.

Facebook   : @icsc.ngo

Twitter         : @icsc_ph

Instagram  : icsc_ph

Website       :icsc.ngo

Email            : info@icsc.ngo

Office            : 89-B Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103, Philippines

MNL Moves is a group of commuter cyclists and pedestrians working to make active transport, like cycling and walking, easier and safer in Metro Manila. It was founded by an urban planner and folding bike enthusiast who is now changing the way we perceive walking and biking to a healthier, more reliable, and more sustainable means of transportation.

Facebook    : @MNLMoves

Twitter          : @MNLMoves

Instagram    : @mnlmoves

Email           : mnlmoves@gmail.com

The Climate Reality Project Philippines is the country chapter of The Climate Reality Project, which is founded by former United States Vice President and Nobel laureate Al Gore and has trained over 27,000 Climate Reality Leaders in 169 countries to help find solutions to the global climate crisis.

The Philippine Branch aims to advance ambitious climate action in the country, while rallying behind science and rethinking development approaches. It considers itself as a diverse community of more than a thousand seasoned and young climate advocates across the country, all united in their common goal of achieving climate justice and climate resilience for the Philippines.

TCRP Philippines draws strength from the vast and robust network of its leaders who come from various fields in the public and private spheres. The community serves as a powerful platform for scaling up initiatives, advocacy mobilization, and effecting positive changes in policy and implementation across all levels. Its host organization is the ICSC.

Facebook    : @climaterealityphilippines

Twitter          : @ClimateRealPH

Instagram   : @climaterealityph

Email             : philippines@climatereality.com

Office             : 706 FSS Building-II, 18 Scout Tuason St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

350.org is building a global grassroots climate movement that can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. 350.org Philippines is a local network of volunteers supporting the country’s climate movement.

Facebook    : @350.org

Twitter          : @350

Instagram   : 350.org

Website        : https://world.350.org/philippines/

Pinay Bike Commuter is a group of Filipino women using their bicycles to commute. It’s an online community that aims to encourage and empower more girls and women to cycle. The group is a safe space where women can start conversations about their concerns on cycling and women’s issues.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinayBikeCommuter

IG: pinaybikecommuter

Email: pinaybikecommuter@gmail.com




Daet City, Camarines Norte



Bike Scouts Camarines Norte is an organization that aims to connect Bikers in the province and empowers them to become Bike Scouts’ volunteers who will participate in different initiatives in the community.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinayBikeCommuter

Email: bikescouts.cn@gmail.com


La Union Province




Bike Enthusiasts of La Union

Members: 4,500 as of current  (Mostly from La Union Province) BikeBros La Union Established 2020


We Enjoy the Rides, Respect other Bikers, Keep the Roads & Trails Clean, Promote Active Lifestyle & Stay Healthy

“Ride With Purpose”


– To promote active lifestyle & bike sports development which is beneficial for physical & mental wellness

– To hone skills of potential cyclists & increase level of competitiveness thru bike sports & activities

– To unite our whole bike community, promote camaraderie & enjoy the rides together

– To widen opportunities for bike tourism at the grassroots level & engage stakeholders in the bicycle industry

– To help contribute on protection of our environment and showcase nature ride/bike trails of La Union

– To engage & encourage Bike For a Cause programs


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinayBikeCommuter

Email: bikebroslaunion@gmail.com


Baguio City

The Daily Cycle Movement (DCM) Baguio, established in 2007, is a civic group that aims to promote sustainable and inclusive active transport in the city. Aside from supporting the city’s review and implementation of mobility-related policies, its regular engagements are the annual Green Ride — coincides with the National Firefly Brigade’s Tour of the Fireflies, monthly critical mass rides and women’s ride, bicycling clinics and other community-related mobilizations.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209978182363631

Email: DcmBaguio.ph@gmail.com


Baler, Aurora 

JERS Cycling Team is a common place – accessible, and reliable. Our longing will be deeply infused with a knowledge of and passion for bicycles. Active transportation will transform our place into healthy, lively communities. Unity allows our team to share knowledge, resources, and friendship. It allows us to stand together to advocate for what we believe in. JERS Cycling Team is to be a space for the community to come together and grow together.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JERSCYCLINGTEAM

Email: juliuschristiantorre@gmail.com


Naga City, Camarines Sur


Metro Naga Active Transport Community is a non-partisan civil society organization advocating to improve the active transportation system in the Metro Naga area of Camarines Sur. Our group has diverse representation from bike enthusiasts, academe, business groups, PWDs, transport workers, researchers, civil servants and other private individuals who aspire for a better and sustainable way of transport for Metro Naga.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metronaga.activetransport/

Email: metronaga.activetransport@gmail.com


Olongapo City


Olongapo Chill Bikers started in February 2021 from an enthusiastic solo rider as a form of exercise, to now a 104-strong group of cyclists with the passion for biking and community building. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Olongapo-CHILL-bikers-100151768873818

Email: julius08.je@gmail.com





Keep faith in God.



RGP BIKERS NATIONWIDE is composed of different chapters in the Philippines. Our goal is to stick TOGETHER to promote SOLIDARITY & COOPERATION.” We are active in our community through different biking activities such as National Tambike, National rides, Chapter rides at Charity rides.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idekolo.cyclista

Email: jehochoa12@gmail.com


San Juan, La Union


The SJRRHASS is a non stock, non profit association that aims to promote sustainable tourism in the surfing capital of the country, San Juan, La Union Philippines

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sjrrhass/

Email: mch.antonio@gmail.com

Team Next Generation-WAEWA Baguio City Sports Team

Baguio City


TNG-WAEWA is a  cycling team that develops aspiring cycling athletes for kids ages 9 yrs old to 15 years old training for the Baguio Team Batang Pinoy Candidates and for the Philippines National Games, youth ages 17 up. We also welcome other fun riders or joy riders that we consider as a support group or advisory team.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TNGBCCT

Email: baguiopartyland@yahoo.com


Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Province

United Bikers Association of Tuguegarao was established on May 2016. Anyone is welcome to the group and its members are well disciplined multisport athletes and full time employees. The team sees no gender for everyone is welcome to join. The team is for all ages and rides from short to long ranges. Members are advocates of various individual races and also they are willing to share their knowlege in different techniques and skills. We unite for a reason and we commit to our mission that no one left behind.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1701933593413679/

Email: cybernetics2521@gmail.com

VELO Ilocos


Premier bikeshop in Ilocos Norte. Owned, managed, operated by a passionate cyclist. Providing professionally managed sales, services, and after-sales services to all passionate cyclists from beginners, recreational, enthusiasts, and competition-level athletes. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100067671916738

Email: linghbergleano@yahoo.com


Capiz Road Bikers

Cebu Leads Foundation

Iloilo Bikers Adventures

R8bac was established by the cycling advocates and enthusiasts of the region8 sometime in 2020 to collectively call for safer roads, the establishment of bicycle lanes, and promote active transport. Subsequently, they also formed a professional cycling team that will represent region8 in national cycling competitions, that is the EVCT or Eastern Visayas Cycling Team.



The BONE (Bikers Organized Nature Explorer) bikers group set up to bring all biking enthusiasts riding together & sharing ideas,routes & experiences,will ride together and explore as many places. We are a friendly mixed social group of men and youth with mixed abilities. Rides are socialising for all riders to enjoy.


BONE bikers campaign for better and healthier lifestyle open for all no registration fee. The group finds explore wonderful places,scenery that the adventure will bring them.

Based in Butuan City, the Caraga Bikers Club was organized on September 21,  2019.  It has a jamming bicycle riding team with 532 members. 


Aside from cycling, the Caraga Bikers Club is also passionate in community service.  They also love to ride in local tourist destinations and other places.

The Butuan Cardio Cycling is a group of cycling enthusiasts and health advocates composed of Priests, Pastors, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Businessman, Retired employees etc., with a common goal to look after individual physical health. The group rides every day promoting camaraderie and positive outlook towards other cyclists.

The Cotabato City Bike Enthusiast was created wayback June 5,2016 using Facebook as a media platform. It was just a simple idea to create a small group to invite other cyclist for a fun ride in that year. That year cycling is not that popular since there are lots of other activities to choose from. Only few groups and associations are promoting cycling in the city, they sometimes host cycling activities such as fun ride, bike for a cause,bike for peace and other cycling event. It was also very uncommon to see regular cyclist in the city that year and sometimes only those who have groups likely to be seen in the streets. The group wanted also to give focus on those who are individual rider or cyclist who are interested in cycling because joining organized group that year is quite limited and costly. The group wanted to reach out those unfortunate rider/cyclist to establish its own biking community were everyone is welcome to join freely. The aim of the group is to unify all bikers in the city to promote a safe and friendly biking community considering all ages,religion and beliefs.


The group was also created in order to have a portal where everyone can exchange ideas,share their knowledged about cycling, inform or educate those newbies in cycling. The group also wanted to showcase the city’s tourist spots where sometimes cyclist visited during fun rides. Moreover, its not about all cycling but also importantly to create friendship with others.

The Cycle for Life Davao was organized to promote for a bike-friendly Davao City.


The organization brings together individuals and groups who offer creative solutions for the environment, education and sustainable lifestyles.

Education impacts one’s choices and makes up one’s  lifestyle. Members come together 

The CYCLE FOR LIFE is an attempt to creatively merge individuals and groups who care for these three societal concerns in the hope that it will unleash a concerted and responsible movement for a sustainable Davao City through the promotion of the use of Bicycles and all activities that support and encourage citizens to pursue healthy LIFESTYLE changes

The CYCLE FOR LIFE believes that by engaging the community to work in harmony, through developing partnerships (with government, business and civil society) toward the establishment of support systems like BIKE RACKS, BIKE LANES, develop complete streets, traffic laws, and systems, while putting PEOPLE at the center of their concerns, this will SUPPORT SAFE ROADS FOR ALL thus effecting protection of Non-Motorized Road users : school children, persons with disabilities,senior citizens, cyclists, walkers, joggers/runners, long board users,and skaters alike to come together in the interest of CLEAN AIR (Environmen and Healtht) ROAD SAFETY( (Driver/Rider Education) and ROAD SHARING for all

That by creating an anxiety-free and safe environment,backed by supportive structures and legislation, Cycling and the use of Bicycles in Davao City, as an alternative mode of transportation and a Cycling Culture will be made possible.

This further creates a chain reaction of a green and healthful ENVIRONMENT that HEALTH-FULL citizens will want to identify with and proactively support and protect

#CYCLE FOR LIFE our daily habit to save the planet

#CYCLE FOR LIFE #Co-Creating the Future we want

The Kagay-an united Mountain and Road Bikers Community (KUMBi) is a community of mountain and road bikers in Cagayan de Oro City and neighboring provinces of Misamis Oriental. 


The group is united to promote camaraderie, friendship, respect and professionalism among all bikers.



The MBC is a cycle club for all abilities in Mindanao. The aim of MBC is to provide newcomers with a gentle introduction to off-road mountain biking sport so we offer events which are easy on riders and mountain bikes, inexpensive to enter and, above all, fun and camaraderie. All are welcome to ride with any biker individual or group.


It was founded in 2018, and became the umbrella organization of all Enduro and downhill mountain bike clubs in Mindanao. It started when the group organised at least one Mountain Bike Enduro or downhill competition in a month throughout Mindanao. Before the pandemic, the group ran between fifteen and twenty events a year.


It is a non-territorial club, organised and run by volunteer members who are committed to the continuation of the club and to the promotion and enjoyment of off-road mountain biking sport.


The group ethics is simply to encourage people to get out and cycle in Mindanao, for they believe that no-one has ever regretted the decision to ride a bike!


This club is completely free and open to anyone – just come along!




MBC is committed to establishing a positive image of cycling and Mindanao as a cycling community, while also helping to create lasting friendships through this enduringly popular and exciting pursuit.


This Club is working in close cooperation with the other Biker clubs or organizations to promote safe riding, road safety measures and help boast the tourism activity in the island of Mindanao.



MBC aims to:

  1. Develop quality rider training programs.
  2. Affiliate, communicate and cooperate with other local MTB organizations and to liaise with national bicycle associations.
  3. Encourage and engage in local and inter-regional tourism through the organization of bicycle rides.
  4. Organize local rides to encourage inbound tourism.
  5. Organize charity and social events for the benefit of the wider community.
  6. Encourage bicycle use as an environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative to the car.

Bike Rack Davao


The Bike Rack Davao ride is predictable, visible and sensible. It is based in Davao City and serves as the information hub for the bicycle commuter. 


The Bike Rack Davao advocate for safe and responsible road sharing initiative

United Cyclist Association (UNICAS)




The advocacy of UNICAS is that we voluntary serve the communities through adventure experiences, we aim to provide opportunities for challenge, leadership, community service, and environmental responsibility. We promote healthy, sustainable communities by making cycling safe, fun and accessible. We help facilitate safer spaces for learning and exploration with care, respect, and 



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