1. What is the Mobility Awards?

The Mobility Awards is a platform that recognizes acts of leadership by Philippine local governments, workplaces, and commercial establishments in Metro Manila promoting cycling to work among their constituencies, customers, employees, and communities. 

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2. Who can we nominate for the Mobility Awards? What is the nomination process?

Nominations are open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to participate and publicly nominate who they think deserve to receive the Mobility Awards recognition. People can submit nominations through this online nomination form. Submissions of nominations per person are unlimited.

Nominations are based on these three main categories:

    1. Bicycle-friendly cities (local government units in Metro Manila)
      local government units/cities that promote cycling as mode of transport in their cities.
    2. Bicycle-friendly workplaces
      stand-alone business firms, corporations, industrial office buildings, co-working spaces, and mixed office buildings (meaning multiple office tenants sharing the same building) who provide enabling facilities for their workers, building employees, and their clients.
    3. Bicycle-friendly commercial establishments
      all forms of  commercial establishments such as stand-alone shops, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, grocery stores, shop outlets, hotels, and shopping malls that provide enabling facilities for their workers and customers.

Nominations are open from September 22 until October 22, 2020. Winners will be announced on October 29, 2020

3. What specific titles will be recognized through the Mobility Awards?

We’ll be announcing this soon. Stay tuned!

4. How will the nominees be evaluated?

Nominees for bicycle-friendly cities will be evaluated according to the level of presence of bike-friendly infrastructures, the variety of programs, policies, and plans, and how they are implemented.

Bicycle-friendly workplaces and commercial establishments will be judged based on identified bicycle-friendly facilities, programs, and plans in their business.

The top 3 scorers for each category will be recognized as the winners. There is no standard order of winners, the title/rank to be given to each awardee will depend on the score they will receive. See FAQ #3 to know more about the rank classification.

5. What prizes will the awardees receive?

We’ll be announcing this soon. Stay tuned!

6. Can I nominate a city/workplace/commercial establishment outside of Metro Manila?

Nominations for the first ever Mobility Awards are only open for LGUs, workplaces, and commercial establishments in Metro Manila. Public awareness generated by the inaugural round may boost greater awareness nationally, which in turn may result in a wider scope for the awards.

7. Can I nominate my own city/workplace/commercial establishment?


8. When will the Mobility Awards happen?

For this year, the awards will formally begin and open online nominations on September 22, 2020. Nominations will close on October 22. All winners will be announced on October 29. Mark your calendars!

9. Who will determine the winners?

Our panel of judges for the 2020 Mobility Awards are composed of cycling enthusiasts and advocates, as well as representatives from organizations who strongly promote active mobility, they are:

    • Maria Golda Hilario, associate for program development of ICSC;
    • Aldrin Pelicano, founder of MNL Moves;
    • Nazrin Camille Castro, branch manager of The Climate Reality Project-Philippines;
    • Chuck Baclagon, regional finance campaigner of 350.org Asia; and
    • Jaramia “Geri” Amarnani of Pinay Bike Commuter.

Get to know more about our judges here .

10. Who organized the Mobility Awards?

The Mobility Awards is organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), MNL Moves, The Climate Reality Project-Philippines, and 350.org Pilipinas to inspire action, involvement, and coordination among local government units, workplaces, and commercial establishments who want to improve conditions for urban mobility. 

For further questions, you can contact us at mobility@icsc.ngo.